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Music has always been Lori's greatest passion throughout her childhood, and into adulthood. In Middle School and High School her outlets were: Choir, Show Choir, and Jazz Choir. During the summers she took vocal lessons and performed at church. She formed her first band, The Clincher, in 2007. She has since spent years honing her vocal, writing, and performance abilities to become the front-person she is today. Her influences include: Otep, Kittie, Arch Enemy, Walls of Jericho, Nothing More, In This Moment, Etta James, and Evanescence, to name a few.



Playing multiple instruments since childhood, Josh was addicted to music. During high school he was part of the band, and afterwards gained admittance to UNO playing Saxophone.  It was there Josh formally studied Music performance and education. Since then Josh has spent countless hours focusing on his strings. by playing guitar. A few of the influences he draws from are: Amon Amarth, Lamb Of God, Pantera, Messhugah, Ludwig van Beethoven, Angel Vivaldi, Black Crown Initiate, Alluvial, Hatebreed, Jinjer, and Devildriver.



Tim has had an attraction to music from the beginning. He began by secretly practicing guitar on what was going to be his gift several months later. After some time, he picked up a Violin and was classically trained for several years. Unfortunately, Tim had an accident that left him with severe injuries and he was forced to set music aside for several years.  As an adult the desire to play music grew too great to ignore, and Tim chose to start playing again by practicing Guitar and Drums. It was only six months later that he hit the stage. Tim has used his multi-instrumentalist perspective to create a unique sound. Tim joined Wicked Sun in late 2017 and brought with him an incredible energy to complete the instrumental line up of Wicked Sun. His influences include:  Tool, Isis (band), Smashing Pumpkins, Dream Theater, Queensryche, MegaDeath, Lady Gaga, Manny Fresh, Rush, Faith No More, NIN, Cold, Architects, Tesseract, and Lamb of God.